Healthy Eating

_DSC3508 (Medium)For many years now I have battled with IBS.  I have seen dietitians and have been advised to avoid seeds, green vegetables, grains and much, much more.  This left me eating meat, orange vegetables, potatoes and rice.  Although it did help for a while, I ended up eating meat and potatoes and gained weight.  I then tried the LCHF (Banting) way of eating…. I was eating all the things I had been told to avoid previously. I did not suffer too badly from IBS and although I lost a lot of weight, I went back to my old ways after I had another hiatal hernia operation as well as the fact that my doctors were not happy with the amount of fat I was consuming eating on the LCHF plan.

The past weekend, I had a guest stay with us for a few days, and she was Vegan.  I ate vegan / vegetarian meals with her as well as a vegetarian breakfast on the Sunday and I felt terrific – No pain, No diarrhoea!!!  Hubby and I then went for lunch after she had left and we had roast meat, vegetables and potatoes.  Well the next 24 hours were hell. This made me think – if I could feel so much better in one day, how would I feel if I ate like this every day?

So my plan of action going forward is to avoid all processed foods and ready-made meals (not that I eat that anyway), …. Have no meat at all, but eat fish  (maybe Chicken), eggs and cheese.   If necessary I will cut out the chicken, fish, eggs and cheese if I find that these affect me.

So the scouring of the internet has begun, looking for ideas of what I can make to eat so this way of eating does not become boring and mundane.

Fingers crossed that this works for me ….





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