Chevy Lane

Wow, Wow, Wow – This diner/grill house, situated in Bedford Centre,  takes you back to the past with the decor.  It is reminiscent of an American 50’s diner with a racing theme and the decor is stunning – there are two tables encased by a pink Cadillacs, which are very popular with the patrons.  The food is good and the menu is large with options like Mac and Cheese, Meatloaf, Wings, Pizza, Sandwiches and Burgers.  There are a few vegetarian and vegan options available, although it is an Amerian diner so most of the menu has meat options.  I had the Chrome Plated Cuban Sandwich and hubby had the Jack D Burger.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our food.  My sandwich was huge and needless to say I had to take some home with me.  The service was a bit slow – but listening to the music and just looking at all the decor kept us “entertained”.  It hasn’t been open long, so maybe still experiencing a few teething problems, with the slow service, but management were very attentive so I am sure it will go from strength to strength.    It also has an indoor play area for kids, which is visible from many of the tables, which is a bonus for parents.  It is well worth the visit, and they will see me again, soon!


The Jack D Burger: 200g beef burger patty, basted in jack D Teriyaki sauce topped with bacon & caramelized onion.

The Chrome Plated Cuban: Pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese & dill cucumber served on a french baguette & drizzled with mustard mayo.

Here is a link to their full menu:

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